Sunday, March 28, 2010

The BEST Eye shadow primer!! Paint pot, NYX jumbo shadow pencil, Two faced vs Urban decay primer potion

So I have discovered the power of eye shadow primer only recently after purchasing, my two faced shadow insurance and my urban decay primer potion.

So before i being this journey with you and some serious tests i performed to let you all know which shadow insurance is best i will start by putting prices for these product as to some prices are very much what matters at the end. And a picture of all the product so you know what they look like.

in the order of the picture

NYX Jumbo pencil (french fries) $ 3
Two faced shadow insurance $ 21
Urban Decay Primer Potion (normal)  $ 23 
MAC paint pot (blackground) $ 16.50

You can get them cheaper i am sure i got my Two faced shadow insurance and UDPP on ebay by

Let's start with the shadow based products

I am going to start with NYX and MAC paint pot.. they are actually shadows, although paint pots are usually used to enhance shadow colors you can use them on their own... and nyx pencils are also used more to enhance shadow colors then on their own.. 
They don't really have staying power and when you run your finger through them they tend to smudge quite easily... That said it does perk up your shadow colors beautifully. TFSI and UDPP does not enhance any colors what so ever.

But lets compare anyway.


Well as you can clearly see NYX beats everyone with its price. Then the Mac paint pot.. but these two products you can't use with all your eye shadows so you will need to buy a few to use specially if you use a lot of different type of shadows.


I took a picture of application points of all the product, You need a brush to use the MAC paint pot, you can try with your fingers but it will not work so well.

At the first glance and usage, the UDPP seems to be the winner until it gets to the point where you are running out of your products because in the end its really difficult to get your last drops out with the UDPP plus the wand can not be hygienic if you keep using it on your skin and putting it back in the bottle. Although with TFSI u might loose out on some product if you don't watch out with your pressing power i will give this one to TFSI.

Staying power.

So by using these products daily i couldn't decide wether TFSI or UDPP was the winner so i put one in each lid and stayed the whole day with it.
And I must say UDPP did win.. Although if you don't have a good eye it looked more or less the same.


Because the MAC paint pot needs brush and its pigmented and NYX also is very pigmented i will not compare those..

But for UDPP and TFSI it was easy to apply both but when you blend the shadows i found it easier to blend my shadows with TFSI.

Under water test

So when i said i really put these through a lot of test i really ment it and NYX and MAC lost.
However with TFSI and UDPP they both had same effect it didnt smudge or loose out the shadow at all.. i was very impressed with both.

After water smudge test

So after trying the underwater i rubbed my eyes and UDPP won, it smudged less wet than TFSI although not by much.

So i see we have 3 for UDPP and 3 for TFSI but because of the price and also UDPP did not win by much in many tests i will give it to TFSI for everyday use.

But the best shadow insurance for tough duty is definitely UDPP if price in not a big deal for you.

Please remember although it is believed TFSI is for dry lid and UDPP is for oily lid i found not much difference and also saw in many reviews both types of lid can use both primer with not much problems...

So i hope this helped... bye good day

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My first make up alley swapping

So i have been the member of for over a year now... its a website that gives you make up reviews and tips.. as a girl i think everyone who uses facial product and make up needs to join!

So they have this swap section where people who want to try other items but don't have cash can swap items with each other..
I listed some of my items and asked some ppl if they would like to swap with.. after about 10 rejection (i kid you not i have never been so rejected my entire life) i got a yes from a girl in NEW YORK!!!

So i sent her my 2 sleek eye shadow palette for her nars orgasm blush!!!
I really hope she doesnt swaplift me!!!  (Swaplift: its like stealing form someone.. i send you my item but you don't send me yours kind of thing)

I sent my items today... so yay to that.. although i must say the shipping cost more than the item itself.. so i guess i should really think carefully before i agree or beg ppl for a swap :-)

But it seemed so cool i just had to try it :-)

SO i guess this is my first blog

I am doing these blogs for me.. so i can have some sort of something to do...
but while i enjoy my newly discovered therapeutic blogging i hope some how you enjoy my journey in life as well...

So first thing is first... who am i? what do i do? why have i all of a sudden decided to blog? what will be in my blogs??

So let's start..
My name is Grace Lee Franca... i am a south korean born in south korea but lived last 15 or so years in south africa.. My parents are missionaries/pastor/principal 

and I? Well... i am an English teacher and a volunteer for staffing in ywam (Youth with a mission) and also volunteering as a youth leader...
I am a fashion and make up enthusiast.

I got married 1 year and 3 months or so ago.. To Ricardo.. He is from Brazil!!!!

As a Korean... I lived most of my life trying to be a good child.. and to be a good child was to agree with everything your parents believed in... and so i followed... blindly... wanting to be a good child..
but i became somewhat not happy and then i started falling into depression...
Then i realised.. if this is what God wanted me to do... and i don't feel any good instead im getting so sick...
it made to think twice.. about life and where God wants me to be...

And for a while it was here.. but now i don't know anymore...

Perhaps im pushing myself into something i wished i was... a good child... but i was not.. i am Grace... and im not defined by what my society tells me...or what my culture and tradition tells me..

Even thought sometimes you have to break out of the mold you were in for so long... and its so difficult because you feel like you have to disappoint people who NEED you the most...

But I have to break out and be me... i can't blame after all my parents for the things i wanted to do in life can i?
So my journey starts...

SO like i said i am married to this wonderful husband... we don't agree in everything but we love and respect each other and i feel more lucky everyday to be with him...

And we have decided to move to Brazil next year January or February...
This blog is also so that i can have something constant in my about to be ever changing  whirl wind life :-)

I will be blogging many things.. i guess... i love writing poems and my views at times... fashion, make up and people.. so i guess ill share everything.. even if no one reads my blog... he he he...

So yea thats my first blog i guess...