Friday, June 25, 2010

How to spot Fake Benefit Hoola!!!

So recently i bought a benefit Hoola blush on ebay and i got ripped off with a fake one..

ALL the pictures on the LEFT are Fake and RIGHT are Authentic.

See how the box on the right (authentic) is more darker plum then on the left which looks very washed out. Also the placement of the pictures are different.

See how the brush bristles one the left (fake) is longer and the handle is also different color and slightly different shape.
The Fake benefit (left) has a solid paint on while the authentic brush has a undertone color showing through.
The box is thinner for the authentic one (right) and the bronzer itself is darker.
Here is the deal breaker!!! authentic benenfit hoola (right) is much more pigmented while the fake one is chalky.
Hope these helped

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coastal scents concealer palette vs MAC studio finish

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Coastal scents concealer  vs MAC studio finish


Coastal scents goes for $16.95 (roughly converted R127) while MAC studio finish goes for $16.50 (roughly converted R122)
but just so you know coastal scents concealer palette has 10 different color while you are paying 16.50 for one color with mac.
So there is no contest with price.


Coastal scents is in a sleek palette form and MAC is in an individual eyeshadow form both cases close and open with ease and are quite durable when traveling around with it.
So both get good points for that.


Surprisingly enough coastal scents concealer has much smoother texture than MAC studio finish, in the picture of swatch on wrist i swatched coastal scents once and MAC had to do it a few times.
So this one goes to coastal scents


Both cover well but they do show fine lines around my eyes.. both concealers.


I set my concealers with benefit powderflage and both set the same.


Both colors the MAC NC20 and second concealer from top had very similar pigmentation. Left is coastal scents and right is MAC studio finish.

Lasting power.

MAC's studio finish had a better lasting power it lasted longer but also took longer to take off.
So this one goes to MAC.

ALl in all MAC can not beat the coastal scent concealer price although I can see MAC is a higher end product compared to coastal scents. But i must be honest and say they are compatible with each other.

I think coastal scents palette is good for make up artist still training while you can invest in MAC later in your career.

Sun Powers?

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Sun Powder? what are they??? 

Sun powders are sun screen in powder form!!! its awesome for oily  and combination skin or for those who don't like using liquid make up products.

It's also great to set make up at times if your powder is closer to your skin tone.

I have the Isa knox and Skin79 diamond collection sun powder

                                                   The Isa knox has SPF 50 PA+++ 

                                                     The Skin79 has SPF 30 PA ++

Isa knox is less messy as it is pressed powder and skin 79 is closer to my skin tone and easier to blend.

I have provided some pictures so you guys can see..

There are many brands of sun powder in Korea so you can check them out of EBAY.

BB cream what is it? and some bb cream review

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BB cream?

BB Cream is pretty much the end all of foundation, concealer, moisturizer, etc….It’s a combined product that eliminates many products from your daily makeup routine and not only simplifies foundation but also offers key ingredients that we all look for in makeup and skin care.(this is what the adverts say)..  but you and i both know this will not happen.. bb cream is not that great to replace my foundation nor my concealer or moisturizer.
History of BB Cream
BB cream actually originated in Germany and was used by dermatologists to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery. They use the BB cream to soothe and regenerate the skin. Korean Celebrities started to use this cream, and thus propelled Korean cosmetic companies to invest in research and development for this product. It seem like every Korean cosmetic brand has several types of BB cream.

          1               2       3    4            5                6                   7

1. Skin79 Diamond collection The pretige belblesh balm. (SPF25 PA++)
Has a very light coverage but still covers or even out some tones but not recommended to use as tinted moisturizer.

2. Skin79 Diamond collection Pearl. (SPF25 PA++)
Has very very nearly not visible coverage with a lot of sparkle.. if you want to look like vamps for twilight go a head and get this but you won't get the awesome coverage vampires have.

3. Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm. (SPF25 PA++)
Has better coverage than both above but more for combination skin.

4. Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm triple function. (SPF25 PA++)
Very similar product to the super beblesh balm but more hydrating.

5. Laha Blemish healing cream from Isa knox. (SPF23 PA++)
Has best coverage but very thick texture.

6. Missha perfect cover bb cream. (SPF42 PA +++)
Very good for winter but really does not control your oil. I use it at times as sun cream as it has high spf.

7. Babybox bb cream (No SPF)
I really like this bb cream it is very hydrating and controls my oil only down side is that it does not have SPF.

The end results of the product on skin.. some products look darker for the reason that it was closer to my skin tone...