Thursday, September 16, 2010

New heels!!!

Hey my lovlies!!!

So I have been shopping today and got some of these awesome heels at a tattoo shop run by our friend!!!
they are both so awesome if you want one i saw you can get some in

Thursday, September 9, 2010

High end bronzer comparisons!!! Hoola, Laguna, Emote and stila shade2

The bronzers i will be comparing today are Hoola (benefit), Laguna (nars), Emote (MAC) and Stila shade 2 (stila).

These bronzers gets mad buzz all the time but i was wondering to myself it is really worth buying all of them...

FOUR bronzers just cuz you think you need them??? REALLY??

And my answer is NO!!! you don't need all of them... just one will do fine!!!
And to help you choose which one (specially if you have NC25 skin like me) i write this comparison.

 Picture: Emote, hoola, stila shade 2 and laguna.

Emote (is unfortunately discontinued but still available in South African MAC stores at times) $18.50
Hoola $28
Stila shade 2 $28
Laguna $32

They all have awesome color pay off its just up to your personal preference.
Personally for me however as a NC25 user i prefer hoola and laguna.
Also a note.. all the bronzers here are Matte except for laguna, although when applied laguna has more of a natural effect than shiny effect. It looks like a natural sun kissed look depending where you applied it.. if you apply it in the area where sun touches your face there will be a slight twinkle otherwise its like all other bronzers.

   Picture: Emote, Stila, Hoola and Laguna

Sun protecting power:
None of them have SPF except the Stila which comes with SPF15 (bonus points for you stila)

Staying power:
They all share awesome staying power but emote and laguna had the longest staying power for me.

Hoola has the softest texture followed by stila then Emote, maybe it's because of the shimmer but laguna had the least soft texture

Color suitability:
As a NC25 as stated before i prefer the HOOLA and LAGUNA it looks most natural for my skin. However for all around kit for free lance make up artistry i will recommend EMOTE.

END note:
All these bronzers are great but i guess it is as always a personal preference, so I have made a comparison blog so you don't have to waste your money buying all of them when you don't need it.
And also if you can not buy EMOTE the MAC shadow wedge is exactly same color or replacement!!