Monday, October 25, 2010

Best eyelash curler for short stubborn lashes.

Hey yo'll so i have been doing serious eyelash curler search for you guys lately...
I have bought and used 6 different lash curlers that were reviewed and told they were really awesome but i wanted to do a comparison video so you guys can see it or yourself and what i thought of each lash curlers.

Koji point curler $4.40 /
Shiseido $12 - 19 you can find these /  or
Shiseido Maqillage $ 15 / ebay
MAC full lash curler $16  /
Etudehouse eyelash curler $5.99 /
Shu uemura $ 19 / ebay and sephora (there are fake of these on ebay going around so becareful!!!)
Koji black diamond eyelash curler $8.60 /

I have color coded these like the above font so that it is easier to see. And they will also be in the order above.

I know from my experience that the importance of an eyelash curler is in the shape of the eyelash curler and it depends on which eye shape you have and the best eyelash curler is the one that fits your eye shape.

Most asians can go for little bit more flatter curve while caucasians and africans can go for more rounded curve but at the end of the day everyone is different and this is only generally speaking.

So the picture below is a picture i have pressed all the lashcurlers on a paper and drew a line in black on the dented lines the curlers gave me.

I have also took photos of all the lash curlers in actions. The pictures provided below is the result and i have applied kiss me mascara and remover for all the lash curlers.

So after weeks of using all these lashcurlers I will give you the winner.

Best for curling staying power
All of them did about the same very well except for the Etude house curler :-(

Best lash curler shape for my eyes.
Shiseido and maquillage (which is from shiseido anyway)
Shu uemura dissapointed me cuz it really did not fit my eyeshape at all!!!
Most asian make up artists who work in asia uses Shiseido lash curlers and most western make up artists use shu uemura.

Best grip
Koji black diamons has the best grip cuz after you press it opens back by itself

Most of them are similar prices but shiseid for what it can do has a very good price although its not the cheapest. Also with shu uemura the alinement of the lash curler gets all weird after a while since its ment to be replace and they don't evey sell the replacement pad separately but shiseido line they sell the replacement pads and the alinement lasts for longer.

But all the lash curler pads more or less can be interchangeable except for the koji point curler and also koji point curler's pad easily falls off.

I really love the shiseido lash curler so my winner is shiseido.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Best mascara for short stubborn lashes (asians with short lashes)

So for years i have been on the quest to find a mascara that actually does the trick. I use eyelash curler but no matter how much i curled my lashes my lashes never stayed up... i thought i'll never EVER have lashes that will curl up EVER!!! but non the less i was just happy when i used mascara that it looked liked i had lashes so i kept using mascaras... until the day i found max factor false lash effect in waterproof.. it actually made my lashes stay curled!!!!!! `miracle may you ask???!!! yes it was for me anyway... so i got encouraged to find more mascaras that might work for my lashes and i would like to share this with you all who also had such a journey of lash discovery as mine....

After using countless mascaras, maybelline, revlon and believe me i've tried so much of them so called great!!! none of them worked for me... so i will narrow down to 4 mascara comparison that is so called holy grail for many asian women and non asian women alike...

So I have taken some pictures to actually show you so you don't feel like im scamming you :-) hope this helps

The mascaras i will be reviewing/comparing.
Fairy drops Platinum mascara (water proof)
Max Factor False Lash Effect (water proof)
Heroine Make long and curl mascara kiss me (normal)
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus (normal)
Covergirl lashblast volume (water proof)

I like the fairydrops and the majolica packaging the best as it is the cuttest... i don't think the other two mascaras really spent much time designing their packaging. Covergirl and mac factor has exactly the same packaging and wand

Fairydrops Platinum $25 - $35
Mac Factor $12 - $24
Kiss me $5 - $12
Majolica $12 - $ 26
Covergirl $ 3 - $8
So obviously Covergirl mascara is best priced.

Although i must say that wands are personal preferences i prefer small wands so i can catch all my lashes so ill have to go for Majolica on this one. The fairydrops is my least favorite as it does not apply the mascara clean like all the other wands.

Photo comparison of the lashes 
Front view
No mascara


Fairy drops

Kiss me


Max Factor

No mascara 


Fairy drops

 Kiss me


Max Factor

Side view

No mascara



Kiss me


Max Factor

As they say pictures speak thousand words i have posted a picture of the comparison here.. but i will share my views anyway.

Staying power
All the mascara stays put although majolica i think smudges the least..  Fairy drops came off the easiest

Covergirl and max factor separated the lashes the best

Fairydrops gave the most volume

Curl power
Majolica gave the most curl power staying the curls put however farydrops didn't hold the curl at all.

Majolica lengthened the longest, all the mascaras has fiber to lengthen the lashes except covergirl and max factor

Most consistent mascara
Kiss me mascara was the most consistent it holds curls well, does not smudge and although it is not water proof it stays put and is really difficult to take off.

What is my favorite mascara???
My favorite mascara over all is majolica because of the packaging i guess and everything else only down side is it doesnt separate as well as other mascaras. All the mascaras except fairy drops are mascaras i would be able to use and that works well with my eyelash type so i cant really decide i'll have to swap them around i must warn you in my opinion fairydrops is a hype you'll regret falling into.
But i'd recommend the rest of the mascaras here i must warn you covergirl non waterproof one does not keep your curls if you have stubborn asian lashes so make sure you get the waterproof.

Hope this helped.

Stuff I liked and i didn't like so much (September)

 So i have never done this somewhat kind of favorite blog/video but i really wanted to start sharing thing or products that helped me through out the month and which i had high hopes for but failed me.

Disclaimer: The prices shown are estimated prices or the prices i paid for and the rights of the pictures are from water marked names or thank you

Skullcandy TI tokidoki $60-$70 (`Sandton mall: I paid R799)

Automatic contact lens cleaner ( Ebay: $6.50)

Dolly wink eyelash case ( please check the website)

Koji Black Diamond Eyelash curler (

 Tokidoki for sephora Kabuki brush (Sephora: $28)
Tokidoki for Sephora Pittura brush set (Sephora:$35)

Konad nail stamping system (ebay:price may vary)

St Ives Apricot scrub black head control (Price may vary)

Clearasil Ultra Face Wash (Price may vary)

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling gel (Ebay: $18)

Mint Julep Mask (Price may vary)

Ilotycin TS
Picture available on request

Bodyshop strawberry body butter (Bodyshop:R160)

Etude house make up fix mist (Don't know price)

Sony B&C apple lip balm (Ebay:$8.95 also avail at

Dior lip Glow (Price may vary $20-$35)
Model in a bottle eyebrow sealant (Ebay: $ 15)

Rimmel Eyebrow pencil (Drug store: price may vary)

Benefit brow zing dark (Sephora: $30)
Liquidlast black MAC (R160)

Embryolisse (Ebay: $20-$30)
Iope Sun Air Cushion (Ebay: $30 - $35)

Skin 78 Sun Powder diamond collection (Ebay: price may vary)

Kiss me macara ( Ebay: $10)

Lavanilla vanilla coconut cream (Sephora sample free)

Naked Palette (Sephora: $44)

Tokidoki for sephora cosmetic bag (Sephora:$28)

Hello kitty quilted bag (Ebay:$50-$60)

Things i didnt like so much.

Dolly wink eyelash glue ( Pls check out at website)

Tokidoki for sephora eyeliner pen (Sephora:$16) Not much pigment.