Saturday, November 6, 2010

October favorites.

Hello guys these are the products i loved this month.

Nars orgasm (sephora)
Stila bronzer No.1 (depends)

(sorry for the pathetic picture) schwarzkopt gliss hair repair conditioner (drugstore)

Schwarzkopt gliss hair repair shampoo (drug store)

Johnson's baby wipes (anywhere)

Schwarzkopf gliss hair repair rescue treatment (drugstore)

Dolly wink eyelash case (ebay or

dolly wink eyeliner (ebay or

Revlon photoReady foundation (drugstore)

Sony apple lip balm (ebay)

Other products with no pictures.

Kair ph balance (Clicks or drugstore)
Range shoes 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MAC pro card

So i got a mac pro card a few days ago and i want to share with you how i got it!!!

So basically what you need to do is go to the nearest MAC store.. any store and ask for a MAC pro card application form or a student pro card!

The difference between the student program and the pro card is that you get less discounts with the student card and more on the pro card.

To get the student one you basically need a letter from your registered school stating you are enrolled there and that you will graduate within a certain period. In south africa you can get 20 percent off with a student program.

To get a pro card there are few things you need to prove by sending in the stuff they want.
A copy of Photo Identification and two pieces of Professional Criteria
Provide two current pieces from the following that indicate your selected category/profession:
Composite Card, Business Card with name and specific profession, Editorial Page with name credit, Union Card, Professional License, Diploma/Certificate, Publication Masthead, Program/press Materials with name, Contract on Production Company Letterhead, Crew/Call List on Prod. Co. Letterhead, Professional Letter of Reference of Employment.

A Head Shot & Resume can only be used by Model or Performer/On-Air-Talent applicants. We do not accept business licenses, websites, pay stubs or tax forms as Professional Criteria. 

I sent in my business card, reference letter from a photographer, my freelance contract that was signed and my certificate. Which was i guess more than enough!

So after you apply for it they will let you know if you got it.. in south africa this takes about 2 days. It's best to pay your application fee at the mac store you are applying. Otherwise you have to deposit stuff then email them your deposit slip.
Overseas i have been told it could take a very very long time like 4 weeks min.

So when you are accepted your store where u applied at will give you a temporary card that is valid for 8 weeks. Then hopefully within that time you will have received your proper pro card!!!

SO that is what you need. i will put a link so you can check it out for yourself

The application fee is R350 in south africa

or you can call any MAC store to find out more..  at ur respective countries.