Thursday, February 24, 2011

Natural looking make up using nars sugarland, nars laguna, nars orgasm.

Sorry for my break outs... i wish also that i didnt have them... i know it looks gross...eish

Products i used

Nars Sugarland eyeshadow with Brule from MAC
TOo faced shadow insurance
Revlon photoready in nude
MAC lipstick froggy ( i think)
MAC Mineralized skinfinish in Medium

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Asian doll face

This face you can wear out for dress up party or what not..
products i used.
Coastal scents 88 palette
MAC mineralize skinfinish in Medium
kiss me eyeliner
Majorica mascara

Shu eyelash curler

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best Eyeliners

Hey guys so i have decided to share with you on the best eyeliner that i have come across..
This blog is going to a comparison blog so you can decide for your self which eye liner is best suited for your needs. All the products reviewed were used by me for a long amount of time. As an asian with monolid it is extremely difficult to find an eyeliner that can do its job. The products that were reviewed were the products raved by some...

Eyeliners i will be reviewing today are

1. MAC liquidlast liner  in point black (2.5ml/0.084 us oz) $17.50
2. Revlon colorstay liquid liner  in black (2.5ml/0.08 fl oz) $ 4.00 drugstore
3. MAC penultimate eye liner in rapidblack (1.0g/ 0.03 us oz) $ 17.50
4. Kiss me heroine make smooth liquid eyeliner in black (0.4ml)  $11.40
5. Dolly wink pen eyeliner in black (not indicated but give and take 0.4ml) $12.50
6.Koji Linequeen in deep black (not indicated but give or take 2.5ml) $11.60
7.Sephora tokidoki perfetto eyeliner in carina (0.02 fl oz/0.55ml) $10-16
8. MAC fluidline in blacktrack (3g/0.10 oz) $15.00
9. Ben nye cake eye liner in EL 1 Black (.07oz/2gm) $ 4 - 5
10. Smashbox metallic cream eye liner in onyx (from a palette of 10 colors. Net 0.059oz/1.9g) $27-32
Winner: Revlon and Ben Nye (although revlon liner is so bad i wouln't even want to reconsider it)


The packaging of the products are small enough to carry although 8.MAC fluidline and 9. ben nye seems to be bulkier than the others, of course due to its size 1.MAC liquidlast is the smallest and best packaging there for.

Winner : 1.MAC liquidlast


The applicators are different from each other, the eyeliner 8. MAC fluidline 9. Ben Nye and 10. Smashbox need an extra brush to apply. While 1.MAC liquidlast and 6.Koji linequeen has a thinner brush like applicators and the rest very much like a pen like applicators which is easier to apply with than the others. However i found that 4.kiss me and 5.dolly wink eyeliner has a very think brushlike applicator that is as easy to use like a pen like applicator not to mention more precise application. the picture above you can see what i mean by more brush like application. Left Mac penultimate Right Dollywink eyeliner (which has exactly the same applicator as kiss me eyeliner)

Winner: 4.Kiss me & 5.Dolly wink

Test on skin (pigment)

Many of them have good pigment although 2.Revlon and 7.Tokidoki really did not match up to the other brands. The darkest pigments where give by 1. MAC liquidlast, 6. Koji linequeen, 8. MAC fluidline and 9. Ben Nye.
Winner: 1. MAC liquidlast, 6. Koji linequeen, 8. MAC fluidline and 9. Ben Nye.

After rubbing about 10x (long wear)

As you can see most of the liners faded dramatically after the rub off test only 1.MAC liquidlast and 6. Koji linequeen survived this test well and perhaps we can give some points to 8.MAC fluidline.

Winner: 1.MAC liquidlast & 6.Koji linequeen

After washing with water

After washing with water the other liners completely faded but 1.MAC liquidlast and 6.Koji linequeen stayed strong. Also a part from the fade rubbing test cost the 8.MAC fluid line is looking strong too. And u can see a little very little bit of 10.Smashbox left there.

Winner: 1.MAC liquidlast & 6.Koji linequeen

After washing with soap

EVEN after washing with soap 1.MAC liquidlast stayed strong while the other liners all faded clean and there were little left of the 8.MAC fluidline and 10.Smashbox.
After the wash with soap 6.Koji queenline washed off completely clean.

Winner: 1.MAC liquidlast.

I have used MAC liquidlast for years.. it is my holy grail product i randomly use other products but when i need to look nice for a night out this is the eyeliner i reach for the most. As a monolid eyeliners seem to fade much quicker than of other types of eyes. Figures as our lid keeps rubbing our liners off...
For a quick look to show you on tutorials i use Kiss me or dolly wink as it is quick to apply and easy to rub off... but liquid last takes for ever to erase... u need to use OIL based eye make up remover!!!!
And liquid last has a very thick consistency compared to the other eyeliners so at times it does not give a clean line. But none the less i still love it.

Recommandation for value: Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner
Recommandation for caucasian: if you don't want to spend that much money for your liner to last your eyes will do fine with everything else i have reviewed except for Revlon and TOKIDOKI. Don't use those.
Recommandation for monolids: MAC liquidlast or KOJI linequeen.

DON't EVEN try REVLON or TOKIDOKI its the worst eyeliners on earth!!!! for me.. this is my personal opinion.!!! 
Hope This review helped some of you guys.