Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How i take care of my contact lenses/circle lenses

I use solutions thats disinfect, removes protein and all that jazz

                                                                     about $9 to $11

Then i disinfect them once a week.. now i know oxysept requires of me to do it every time i have used my contact lens but my Renu solution is already doing so... so i need something really strong just once a week or so...

About $17 for a month's worth

If i am not disinfecting my lenses with oxysept i will clean them with my automatic cleaner with the renu solution then store them...

Automatic cleaners can be bought on ebay..
$6 without shipping for pink
$25 with shipping ipool

This cleans ur lenses with you having to rub them.. as at times u might have something on your finger that could scratch your lenses