Monday, May 30, 2011

My favorite products for MAY!!!

May favorites

Hey everyone!!! So i haven't done a favorites video lately and its because i haven't bought anything new but i guess i'll do favorites blog anyway even if there is a repeat.

1. Fake NARS palette no.1 ($10.20

2. Fake NARS palette no.2 ($10.20

 Both the Fake NARS have nice colors

3.The body shop strawberry body butter ($16)

I love the smell and it moisturizes my body well in winter

I really love this foundation it retails for different prices but i have been getting break outs and this helps a ton.

Only remover that can completely remove my kiss me mascara thus far!!! and my liquid last!!! 
it has this comb kind of applicator which makes the remover run through your lashes which is great!!!

Fake NARS spotting and review

Fake NARS spotting and review!!!

So i went to this website called I think some of you might know it some not. But it is a chinese website and they sell everything so cheap. Anyway i came across this fake nars palette. Now they don't advertise in this website as NARS as it is fake, they just state it is professional makeup. I was curious what the quality and packaging differences there will be with fake nars and real nars. So i bought two palettes to show you guys what the fake nars look like and swatched them for you. I paid about $11.40 not more than that. IT sells on ebay for $99 so watch out.

Things you should know about fakes NARS compared to authentic one. (This information is from the research i have done myself and the only reason i state this is i have no other NARS palette that is authentic i can take pictures of... and not all these are in fake NARS but maybe you can notice one or two things from the listings below. Some of these things I have checked with my shadow and brushes tho.

1) The box has spelling mistakes at the back. (it stated SEPARIS instead of Paris)
2)When you see in front of the box and flip the box around side ways my fake NARS the ingredient part and what not was upside down.
3) When you open the palette and leave it on the table it tilts towards the mirror, the real NARS does not tilt backwards towards the mirror and stays put on the shadow, blush side.
4)The whole that is on the side,that puts the mirror part and shadow part together,  is smaller in real NARS than the fake.
5)Shadow and blush is more chalky and has more loose powder.
6) The closure part on the lid is more rounded in real NARS than the fake one.

All the pictures below are the pictures of fake NARS.

The reason i took this picture upside down is because when you turn it sideways from the NARS logo in front of the box its upside down.

 I bought two different palettes but they where both labeled the same.
Night series mini palette.

In real NARS this part has to be more rounded (picture above)

Fake NARS swatches from above palette

Fake NARS swatches from palette above.

Swatch after rubbing my arm three to four times

All the swatches done above were without any primers.


I quite like the fake NARS for the price it has great color pay off and it stays put all day with primers. I would like to think that it is like coastal scents in a way. I don't like the blushes and highlighters in the middle that comes with it tho, it does not do much for me but I do use it sometimes and it does work.
Shadows are very pigmented and I like the colors its very pretty too. The con about the product is that one blush was very chalky and the other products made more loose powders than authentic NARS but not more than coastal scents. Also it has great mix of colors in one palette which means I don't have to take different shadows and blushes at times. 

I don't really like fake stuff and i always test it on my arm before i use fake stuff because you don't know what is really in there... so if you are willing to take your chances you should but if you rather not then don't.

Sigma F80 (SS197) vs MAC 187

Comparison between Sigma F80 (SS197) 
MAC 187

Firstly I would like to begin with the fact I am not in anyway sponsored by neither companies, Sigma nor MAC.
I know that sigma has a duo fiber brush just like MAC but I am comparing a different foundation brush as I want to do a comparison with different type of brush not a brand comparison.

So let's start

Sigma F80 (SS197) $ 16
MAC 187 $ 42
As you can see Sigma is much much cheaper than MAC.

Structure of the brush $ density.

                MAC                          SIGMA
                 SIGMA                   MAC

As you can see from picture above Sigma has a denser structure while MAC is quite fluffy, and MAC is duo fiber which means it has animal and synthetic hair (the white fiber is synthetic & the black fiber is natural animal hair) . While Sigma is 100% synthetic, the white you see on tip is just dyed in a different color it is NOT different fibers like the MAC. Sigma brush is also slightly heavier even if the MAC's handle is longer.

Application of foundation

SIGMA                 MAC


With foundation application I have noticed Sigma applies and blends in right away while MAC brush you have to go over your face a few time and blend it in. But by the end it gave similar results although Sigma applied more products on to the skin. I used both one pump of the foundation for each half of the face. It took me 42.7 seconds to apply foundation on half of my face, while MAC took 50.3 seconds to blend to give the same result to my other half of my face.
However even the results were similar when applied first with MAC brush it gave me a slight streak, after you blend however it disappears very quickly but Sigma brush did not give me any streak to begin with. The only time Sigma will give you streak is when your brush is very dirty.

Blush application
SIGMA               MAC

I applied the same blush and turn both the brushes around 360 degree in the pan and I applied about 4 times including blending and the Sigma brush gave me much more pigmentation. Now if you are apply blush this is not a great thing as no one wants blush on their cheek that strong so it's important to use little with Sigma while with MAC you can build it up.

Blush cleaning and drying

SIGMA                MAC 

It took me 33.7 seconds to spot clean MAC brush and 35.2 to spot clean Sigma brush using MAC cleanser for brushes. However the MAC brush is much cleaner after the end. (as seen on picture above)
Sigma takes very long to clean compared to the MAC brush.
Deep cleansing also takes longer, with a baby shampoo I cleaned Sigma brush about 2 to 3 times to get it clean plus I have to use some conditioner/oil to get everything out however with one wash MAC brush was clean.

It takes MUCH longer for sigma brush to dry than MAC, where I live it's quiet humid so it takes longer than 24hrs at times to dry my Sigma brush. While in 24 hours my MAC brush would have already been dried.

My personal recommendation.
I really adore my sigma F80 I loved it from the first time I use it all the time and it is my go to foundation brush, it applies very even and takes very short time to do your entire face. Even if Sigma had cost more than MAC I would still buy Sigma for foundation application over MAC to be honest. Sigma F80 is the best foundation brush I have tried thus far. Also on makeupalley the Sigma has a rating of 4.7 and MAC has the rating of 4.6.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tokidoki brushes review & comparison with MAC brushes

Hello my TOKIDOKI lovers!!! 

So i know this tokidoki make-up brushes have been out for ages but now and then Sephora adds different brushes...

First brush they came out with was the TOKIDOKI kabuki brush followed by Pittura three piece set eye brushes and the lastest addition is the Pittura (other known as Siberia) blush brush.

I KNOW there have been many blogs & videos about these brushes but not many of them compare them to MAC brushes (which happens to be well used by many people in the beauty community)
So i have compared some pictures in differences of the brushes and comparison to how they apply.

First thing is first... you must remember that all the brushes from MAC that i am comparing TOKIDOKI brushes to are natural fiber brushes (meaning animal hair) except MAC 263 (4.5). And All the TOKIDOKI brushes are synthetic.
MAC 239 White goat hair 
MAC 224 Goat hair 
MAC 168 White goat hair   

TOKIDOKI Pittura brush ($35)

TOKIDOKI Siberia blush brush  ($25)

 TOKIDOKI Kabuki brush ($28)

General Comparison of TOKIDOKI and MAC brushes.
1. Ok firstly there is no arguing that TOKIDOKI dominates any brush thus far for cuteness factor.
2. Price wise the TOKIDOKI beats MAC because it's cheaper.
3. ALL the TOKIDOKI brushes are quite heavier than MAC brushes, makes sense given the fact they all have figurines stuck on top.
4. Like i have mentioned before all TOKIDOKI brushes are synthetic and not all makes are so if you have against animal hair and such TOKIDOKI might be a better option for you.
5. All TOKIDOKI brushes are more dense and has more fibers on them (that does not mean it packs on more products tho or so i have discovered).
6. As you can see with the picture below the ferrule on TOKIDOKI is just glued on as with MAC its kinda clipped tighter with a higher force so even if the glue comes off that could help sustain it longer.
7. After spot cleaning the MAC brushes dried much faster than TOKIDOKI brushes.
8. Although TOKIDOKI and MAC 239 and MAC 168 are white brushes, TOKIDOKI brushes are much whiter in color because they are more natural and also sometimes the MAC brushes stain but the TOKIDOKI brushes stain less and you can get most of the pigments out with a wash.

PS: ALL the eyeshadows used was from coastal scents and the blush color is from no name ebay blush it is red in color. ALSO know that i dip the shadow and blush exactly the same amount of times and applied brush in same angle.

TOKIDOKI eyeshadow brush from Pittura set ($ 11.60) divided total price by 3
MAC 239 ($ 24.50)

Top: MAC application
Bottom: TOKIDOKI application

Obviously the tokidoki brush is a bigger brush, its much more dense and also packs on eyeshadow wider than the MAC brush however MAC brush for somer reason packs color on more intense even if the tokidoki brush was more consistent with the apply, if you have big eyes this could be a plus (the application being wider) but if you have small eyes then this is not a bonus point for you.
Also the MAC brush rates 4.7 on makeupalley while TOKIDOKI rates 4.8.

TOKIDOKI blending brush ($11.60) as stated above
MAC 224 ($29)


Top: MAC applicaton
Bottom: TOKIDOKI applicaton

Although, like the eyeshadow brush, the TOKIDOKI brush is a thicker brush MAC brush packs on more shadow and in this case the MAC brush is also more consistent with color application.
Also on makeupalley the TOKIDOKI rated 4.8 while MAC rated 4.6.

TOKIDOKI eyeliner brush ($11.60) as stated above
MAC 263 (about $19.50)

Density: Picture was useless but TOKIDOKI brush is thicker.

(sorry for crapy photo)

Top: MAC application
Bottom: TOKIDOKI application

MAC definitely has  a cleaner line as you can see from picture above and thiner line which is very important for an eyeliner brush. However being a very thick eyeliner applicant i do see TOKIDOKI sometimes being more convenient. TOKIDOKI rates 4.8 and MAC rates 4.5 on makeupalley.

TOKIDOKI Siber blush brush ($25)
MAC 168 ($32)


Top: MAC application
Bottom: TOKIDOKI application

PS: the only reason why tokidoki application is streaky was because it was little bit damp but when it is dry it does not do that.

So the TOKIDOKI brush applies brush much thicker than MAC brush... unless you have a face the size of a watermelon i don't know unless you use the brush in a different angle to than the method i used to apply the blush, how you can make it work.
But after many use i discover the angle you use this brush meaning TOKIDOKI brush is very important.
Makeupalley does not have rates for TOKIDOKI siberia brush however the MAC brush is rated 4.4.

TOKIDOKI Kabuki brush ($28)
Sigma Princess Grace (about $25)
MAC 182 buffer brush which i do not own is ($47) just for info

I did not compare these two in application because they are kind of for different uses but i did take comparison photos of size so people with sigma brushes can have an idea.

I like this kabuki brush although it takes very very long to dry it applies powder evenly.
Not rated on makeupalley.


So in conclusion, if i had to choose between MAC and TOKIDOKI for professional use i will choose MAC simply because the application is more abundant and precise and also it looks some what more professional unless i want to sell this product then i'd use it for advert purpose but if i was buying a brush for personal purpose i would definitely buy TOKIDOKI the reason being it's cheaper and it is a good quality brush. It is cute and nice to have on your vanity. Also even it does not beat MAC it is an awesome brush to practice your makeup!!!