Monday, May 30, 2011

Fake NARS spotting and review

Fake NARS spotting and review!!!

So i went to this website called I think some of you might know it some not. But it is a chinese website and they sell everything so cheap. Anyway i came across this fake nars palette. Now they don't advertise in this website as NARS as it is fake, they just state it is professional makeup. I was curious what the quality and packaging differences there will be with fake nars and real nars. So i bought two palettes to show you guys what the fake nars look like and swatched them for you. I paid about $11.40 not more than that. IT sells on ebay for $99 so watch out.

Things you should know about fakes NARS compared to authentic one. (This information is from the research i have done myself and the only reason i state this is i have no other NARS palette that is authentic i can take pictures of... and not all these are in fake NARS but maybe you can notice one or two things from the listings below. Some of these things I have checked with my shadow and brushes tho.

1) The box has spelling mistakes at the back. (it stated SEPARIS instead of Paris)
2)When you see in front of the box and flip the box around side ways my fake NARS the ingredient part and what not was upside down.
3) When you open the palette and leave it on the table it tilts towards the mirror, the real NARS does not tilt backwards towards the mirror and stays put on the shadow, blush side.
4)The whole that is on the side,that puts the mirror part and shadow part together,  is smaller in real NARS than the fake.
5)Shadow and blush is more chalky and has more loose powder.
6) The closure part on the lid is more rounded in real NARS than the fake one.

All the pictures below are the pictures of fake NARS.

The reason i took this picture upside down is because when you turn it sideways from the NARS logo in front of the box its upside down.

 I bought two different palettes but they where both labeled the same.
Night series mini palette.

In real NARS this part has to be more rounded (picture above)

Fake NARS swatches from above palette

Fake NARS swatches from palette above.

Swatch after rubbing my arm three to four times

All the swatches done above were without any primers.


I quite like the fake NARS for the price it has great color pay off and it stays put all day with primers. I would like to think that it is like coastal scents in a way. I don't like the blushes and highlighters in the middle that comes with it tho, it does not do much for me but I do use it sometimes and it does work.
Shadows are very pigmented and I like the colors its very pretty too. The con about the product is that one blush was very chalky and the other products made more loose powders than authentic NARS but not more than coastal scents. Also it has great mix of colors in one palette which means I don't have to take different shadows and blushes at times. 

I don't really like fake stuff and i always test it on my arm before i use fake stuff because you don't know what is really in there... so if you are willing to take your chances you should but if you rather not then don't.


  1. Wow it looks great, I should buy it hehe!!

  2. Hi,

    Are you sure that real nars doesn't say "SE PARIS" because I bought some Nars at an actual shop on the high street and it says "SE PARIS" so if its fake its kind of a little worrying for me...

    Could explain a bit about the rounded edged on the opening and closing of the lid... or like put a comparison photo, I dont get it too well what it means one is more rounded than the other...

    Thanks a lot for your video it was very informative

  3. Hi I can't find these on the website are you able to post a link?

  4. How can you tell if the luminous NARS foundation is fake?

  5. How can you tell if the luminous NARS foundation is fake?