Monday, August 29, 2011

Epilating 101 + preventing ingrown hair

So I have recently started using Epilator I have posted a blog on the review of the Epilator I am using right now.

With that said I just want to touch up on what Epilators do and the differences and benefits of owning one.

Difference between shaving and epilating.
Shaving and Epilating is different in a sense shaving just cuts off the hair on the top and Epilating pulls the hair out from the root.

Difference between waxing and epilating.
Wax is hot and messy and you need to keep buying it or going to the salon to get it done which causes money however epilators are one buy finish type of a thing you can carry around wherever you go. Plus it does not burn you.

Difference between laser and epilating.
Well laser treatments are permanent but epilating isn't, the hair will eventually grow back with epilating.

Pain level
Out of 10

Epilating 6
Shaving 0
Waxing 8
Lazer (depending) 5

Pros and Cons of epilating
Pros: You buy it once and you don't have to spend money again on the product,
It is portable and easy to carry around so you don't have to make booking etc..etc
It does not burn you as wax does
The pain level for many are bearable

Cons: The biggest con is that fact you might get more in grown hair than shaving
It might redden your skin
Cost is not that low
And if you are not pain tolerant it might be too much to bear

Tips on epilating and ingrown hair.

1. If you don't like pain so much use the epilator after you have bathed.

2.If you decide to use it on bare dry skin make sure you have no cream or oil or any products on your area you want to epilate for great results.

3 Run the epilator on the direction on the hair growth.

4. Don't epilate right before an event, as you might have reddened skin after you have used your epilator so do it a day or two days before for THE day.

5. To prevent in grown hair you can use methods below

  •      Scrub with a sponge or a body scrub before you epilate and the next time you shower.
  •     If this method does not work try to use some products that work on in grown hair, Tend skin has great reviews for this purpose.
  • If you don't want to buy stuff you can cut a lemon in half rub in on your leg and leave it there for a while lets say a min to two then rinse it out, dry your leg and then use your epilator. This helps some people.
  • You can use beta hydroxy acid to unblock the hardened protein blocking the hair follicle, the acid can deeply penetrate the skin to unblock .
  • If ingrown hair persists to grow you should consult your dermatologist or stop using epilator all together.
I hope this information helped you guys a little

Braun Silk Epil 7 (7681 WD) Review

Braun Silk-Epil 7 (7681 WD) Review

It claims to: Remove facial, leg and body hair.
40min use with 1hour charge.
Removes hair as short as 0,05mm
Movable heads that contours your body
Works in water.
It has 40 tweezers

Contains: Olay 16 Pre-epilation wipes
EfficiencyPro Cap
Underarm Cap
Shaver head
Trimmer Cap
Facial Cap 
Message Cap (I'm guessing the name as it has beads kinda)
Cleaning brush
Dual Voltage Charger 100-240V (made in China)
But the machine itself is made in Germany

Picture of all the products together (one of the caps is on the epilator in this picture)
 Shaver head
 Epilator Caps
 Cleaning Brush
 Universal Charger

This epilator is one of the Best rated Epilators around, specially all the epilators from Braun is known to be good.

Ease of use:
This product was pretty easy to use, I really didn't even need to read the instructions its pretty dumb proof.
The caps are supper easy to take off and replace also it was pretty easy to take the head of the epilator off to replace it with the shaver head.

The efficiency of the caps however are controversial as for me I tend to stick to one cap for all my needs but I can see people who are not so pain tolerant as me would prefer to use the smaller caps.

 EfficiencyPro Cap can tilt.

 So can the message cap

Its is pretty easy to clean too, you remove the cape and as the picture shows below turn the side of the epilator tweezers with your finger (do not switch it on as that will cut your brushes) then take your brush and brush it. As it is waterproof you can also wash it under running water.

It is pretty easy to take the head of the epilator off the replace it with the shaver.

The epilator lights up and the light is really bright and useful you can see all your hair clearly.

It comes with this bag which fits everything you got in the box, its pretty useful when you are traveling or even to store your epilator all together.

Battery life:
The battery does last for a long time after one charge. I charged it once and it lasted me three epilation on my whole body plus there is still more battery power left

Underwater function:
The underwater function is good, as in it works well underwater, however I find that it doesn't do a good job underwater as it does when your hairs are dry, in fact it actually takes the hair off about 70% slower.
However the shaver worked really well even when hair was wet.

Shaver & Trimmer function:
The shaver and trimmer functions worked really well when I shaved my bikini area, it trimmed well and it shaved really clean.

Caps are generally good however I prefer to use the biggest non moving cap it seems to do a better job for me than the body contouring cap.

Does it really take out 0.55mm short hair?
Yes and No it does epilate a that short hair at times but not all the time.
Also one more thing to remember you have to run this epilator more than once in the same area to get all your hair out but it does take all your hair out.