Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lets Loose Weight Together!!!

Let's start with how I became overweight.
So for about 4 years since I fell into depression I have gradually picked up weight ... about 10kg (22lb) before my wedding and 14kg (30lb) after my wedding.
As much as everyone around me was happy that I looked bigger, cuter and my husband would have loved me even if I was obese. I started becoming more depressed hence ending up eating even more than i did before. And as I fell deeper into depression I had to figure out why my depression was not getting better even with treatment. It was actually getting worse than before. And I had to really be honest with myself and find out the cause of this. I was sick of being depressed all the time to a point I couldn't even wake up in the mornings.
I realized the big not the biggest part but a big part none the less with my depression becoming worse was my weight gain. As I was skinny most of my life weighing 48kg (105lb) before I started picking up all these fat around my body i was unfamiliar with.
Right about now you might be asking, how did you get there? from 48kg (105lb) to 72kg (158lb)?
Well the thing about depression is that you don't really have the will or strength to do anything. Like you might be lying down and there might be a plane crashing in on you (literally) and at times you won't even budge hoping it will somehow crash on you and kill you. I know it sounds all melodramatic but hey that is how I was feeling for the last 4 years. And unfortunately unless some miracle or you find the right shrink giving you right medicine that's pretty much how you are going to feel. And that's how I gained all those kgs... Food was one of the only things that made me happy and the happiness of eating didn't feel as good as skinny felt that time. And to make matters worse I don't like to exercise, at all.

But now time has changed and I really want to go back to looking good in clothes I wear, I hardly buy clothes anymore due to the fact everything I wear looks well it looks not so good.
And I know many many of you out there who are in the same shoes as I. Being sick of feeling insecure about your body. And finally my depression is somewhat under control for me to give me the energy to pull this through. Hopefully.

So for the past 4 weeks or so I have started to do something about my weight. I started doing Dr. Cohen 1st personal diet. You can find more info on their website http://www.1stpersonaldiet.com
But basically what this diet does is it triggers your growth hormone that helps you loose weight. However this is not a easy pea diet. One thing good for me however was that I didn't need to exercise while I am on this diet and I could drink 1lt diet soda a day.

About the diet. (PS: I don't get paid for sharing this diet with you at all)
So like I have mentioned this diet triggers your growth hormones, and for it to do that you can only eat certain food. You can not eat diary except plain non fat yoghurt once a day.
So just to give you an rough idea of this diet I shall post a photo of a food list and my plan so you guys have an idea, if you want more info you can visit their website or go to their Facebook which is actually more helpful  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Cohens-1st-Personal-Diet/
SO they do a blood test and give you a personal menu you have to follow, it takes 7days of no cheat eating the way they want you to for your hormones to trigger every time you cheat you will have to wait 7days again to loose the weight.
Its not easy and its hefty in the pocket

So like I was saying this diet is not cheap at all, I started this diet in South Africa and this is a cost converted from Rands.
$428 Total cost of diet
$305 Diet consultation and program me
$123 Blood Test

I have lost 6kg (13lb in 4weeks) which I am not happy about as my friend lost 14kg (30lb) in same time. But it differs with people. After the diet you need to do their reefed which helps you burn the fat you eat with normal food.

So my goal is to loose 22kg (48lb).
If you want to know your ideal weight go to this website and calculate your ideal weight

My height is 160cm 5'5ft and I am very thinned boned.
I should be about 54kgs (119lb) but I want to be little under.

So far my diet was not easy, wanted to cry at times cuz these kgs are just not dropping as fast as I wanted but hey it takes perseverance and their Facebook page really helps because you meet so many people on the diet.

So that is my weight loss, you can choose other weight loss programs which you think will suit you the best. And lets motivate each other. I will update my weight loss now and again. If you are starting a diet of any kind or diet exercise combo lets do it together. Its always better to know there is someone out there doing what you are doing and you are not alone...
I tried many diets and failed and this diet seems to work for me but it might not for you so finding a diet that will is a biggest part of your weightloss.

Me before

Me 13/09/2011 after 4 weeks and 13lbs lighter (6kg)

Sorry for crappy photos will post better once when I can find it.